Soniq Theater order page



(last updated January 2018)

The Soniq Theater albums can be ordered worldwide directly from the artist.
As this is an idealistic, non commercial project, the prices are moderate, so that each
of you that read this, should be able to afford them.

The albums are on CDR format, with cover
and to save shipping costs from 3 ordered CDRs on without jewel cases:
Soniq Theater – Squaring the Circle (2018 CDR)
Soniq Theater – The Journey (2017 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Globaliced (2016 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Guitarissimo (2015 CDR)
Soniq Theater - Heroes of the Past (2014 CDR)
Soniq Theater - Stardust Memories (2013 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Overnight Sensation (2012 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Force Majeure (2011 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Unknown Realities (2010 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Vision Quest (2009 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Life Seeker (2008 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Seventh Heaven (2007 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Enchanted (2006 CDR)
Soniq Theater – Pandromania (2005, CDR)
Soniq Theater – This Mortal Coil (2004, CDR)
Soniq Theater – The Third Eye (2003, CDR)
Soniq Theater – a SECOND of ACTion (2002, CDR)
Soniq Theater – Soniq Theater (2000, CDR)
also the Rachel’s Birthday CD “an Invitation to” (1996) can be ordered on CDR.
(for more details look to the discography page)

Prices (including shipping costs):

-    1 CDR (including jewel case): Germany:   8 Euro, Europe: 10 Euro, rest of the world: 12 Euro
-     2 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany :12 Euro, Europe: 14 Euro, rest of the world: 16 Euro
-    3 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 16 Euro, Europe: 18 Euro, rest of the world: 20 Euro
-    4 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 20 Euro, Europe: 22 Euro, rest of the world: 24 Euro
-    5 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 24 Euro, Europe: 26 Euro, rest of the world: 28 Euro
-    6 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 28 Euro, Europe: 30 Euro, rest of the world: 32 Euro
-    7 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 32 Euro, Europe: 34 Euro, rest of the world: 36 Euro
-    8 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 36 Euro, Europe: 38 Euro, rest of the world: 40 Euro
-   9 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 40 Euro, Europe: 42 Euro, rest of the world: 44 Euro
- 10 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 44 Euro, Europe: 46 Euro, rest of the world: 48 Euro
- 11 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 48 Euro, Europe: 50 Euro, rest of the world: 52 Euro
- 12 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 52 Euro, Europe: 54 Euro, rest of the world: 56 Euro
- 13 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 56 Euro, Europe: 58 Euro, rest of the world: 60 Euro
- 14 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 60 Euro, Europe: 62 Euro, rest of the world: 64 Euro
- 15 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 64 Euro, Europe: 66 Euro, rest of the world: 68 Euro
- 16 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 68 Euro, Europe: 70 Euro, rest of the world: 72 Euro
- 17 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 72 Euro, Europe: 74 Euro, rest of the world: 76 Euro
- 18 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 76 Euro, Europe: 78 Euro, rest of the world: 80 Euro
- 19 CDRs (without jewel case): Germany: 80 Euro, Europe: 82 Euro, rest of the world: 84 Euro
- More than 18 CDRs and from 3 CDRs on with jewel cases
prices on request

NEW Special offer:
one 8 GB USB stick containing the complete 18 Soniq Theater albums
in mp3 (208 songs)
for 30 Euro (shipping included)

one 16 GB USB stick containing the complete 18 Soniq Theater albums
in mp3 and wav (lossless real audio quality) 2 x 208 songs
for 40 Euro (shipping included)

Payment via PayPal is preferred!
Destination e-mail address for PayPal can be sent on request.

You can also send cash in envelope, postal-address can be sent by e-mail on request.

Within the EU, a money transfer is meanwhile without fee, if you want to pay this way, BIC and IBAN (international Bank-Codes) can be given.

Germany only: innerhalb Deutschlands ist  normale Banküberweisung möglich, bitte dann ein E-Mail (Adresse s.u.) schicken, ich gebe dir dann die Bankdaten

if you send the money, please don’t forget your postal address where to send the discs
if you have any questions or want to make sure the deal, feel free to e-mail me:
please use as subject
soniq theater